LaunchPad designs websites for Log Cabin, Celeste, Armour, and Pinnacle Foods.

Posted on July 18, 2007

Categories: News

LaunchPad posted new sites for Log Cabin Syrup and pancake mixes, Celeste frozen pizza, Armour canned meats, and a corporate site for the company that owns those brands, Pinnacle Foods Group Inc.  “Log Cabin is one of the oldest brands in America ,” said Alex Poulos. “The micro-site, built in flash, evokes a nostalgic feeling.” The new Celeste pizza micro-site captures the appeal of its product with mouth-watering imagery. The Armour site features its sponsorship of Hall of Fame racing, the company’s history, recipes, and its many products. The new site for Pinnacle Foods declares that it is a company of brands, brands you know and love, and showcases all of those brands.