LaunchPad launches sticky site for Mrs. Butterworth’s and appetizing site for Swanson.

January 11th, 2007 by LaunchPad Media

Swanson invented the first “TV Dinner” in 1953. Their site takes you back to the pop culture of those “happy days.” You can play the old “Pong” game at “go retro.” You’ll discover “Music for TV Dinners,” which is real and hilarious. And you can view a gallery of old Swanson print ads, which is a way to time-travel back to quaint advertising. Mrs. Butterworth’s website is thick, rich, buttery – no, wait, that’s her syrup. Well, the site reflects the sweet personality of the famous Mrs. Butterworth. To make visitors feel welcome, she has some fun features for kids – Mrs. B’s puzzle, and color-your-own-art.