Should you change your website?

Posted on September 1, 2009

Categories: Blog

Change is good.

If you don’t update your website now and then, people will lose interest and they’ll stop visiting.

People offer various reasons why they don’t change their websites: “We like it the way it is.” “We don’t want to spend the money.” “We don’t have the time.” And yet these same people will complain, “We are not getting much traffic at our website.”

The online reality is this: people will not return to sites that bore them. You must keep your site fresh and interesting so people don’t grow tired of your pitch and image.

The word “new” is still the key to success in marketing.

  1. To open someone’s mind, surprise them with a new idea.
  2. To catch someone’s eye, surprise them with a new visual.
  3. To tickle someone’s imagination, surprise them with animation.
  4. To earn someone’s confidence, surprise them with new information.
  5. To motivate someone to act, surprise them with new inspiration.

Imagine if you saw a colleague wearing the same clothes day after day. Imagine if car companies offered the same model every year. Imagine if you watched the same TV commercial year after year. You would not be impressed. In fact, you’d be depressed.

Change is good. Change is necessary to prevent stagnation.
And change doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s easy to keep a site updated – it’s just a matter of commitment and follow-through.

And it’s easier to revamp a site than to create an entirely new one.

Here are some of the features you might consider adding or changing:

Ecommerce…photo gallery…surveys…forums…contests or sweepstakes…news…coupons and incentives…blog…articles, white papers…promotion of charities…instructional video clips…

You can also change the look and feel of the site with a simple redesign – new colors, pics, audio, animation, and new ways to showcase products and explain services.

Change is fun – especially for the visitor who is surprised, then interested, then persuaded.

And that’s why changing your website helps change prospects into customers.