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How to succeed in business with social media. LaunchPad will be co-hosting a workshop that features Sree Sreenivasan a true Twitter guru. He teaches New Media at Columbia Journalism School and is Dean of Students there. Ad Age named him one of 25 media people to follow on Twitter. The event will be on June

How can you turn a company’s image into a catchy tagline? How can you tell if a slogan will keep its sparkle over time, and not get dull with repetition? In the art of slogan-writing, there are more exceptions than rules. But here are some things to consider when slogging through possible slogans: Does it

Contests, Coupons and Comedy can be a howling success “Trick or treat?” For marketing to be effective in a recession, the trick is to offer a treat. The treat might be a coupon, a chance to win a contest, or just comedic entertainment. A good example is a Halloween micro-site we’ve created for Promotion In

When you design a website, you are creating a personality. It may seem like you’re just reproducing the corporate image, but it’s got to be more than that if you want it to be welcoming, interesting, and persuasive. Voice When you write web text, you write in a voice. You may think you’re merely pasting

Boston is “the hub of the universe,” according to local legend. (Even though Oliver Wendell Holmes actually referred to our Statehouse as merely the “hub of the solar system.”) That seems like a stretch, especially to astronomers. But Boston may be trending toward a similar claim to fame. We might become the hub of web

Brainstorming is often random. A great idea can occur to you while showering, driving, or even sleeping. But when you want multiple people to assess needs and develop a creative solution, you must take the initiative. You can’t just wait and hope for inspiration. Here are 7 keys to effective brainstorming… Environment. It helps to

Change is good. If you don’t update your website now and then, people will lose interest and they’ll stop visiting. People offer various reasons why they don’t change their websites: “We like it the way it is.” “We don’t want to spend the money.” “We don’t have the time.” And yet these same people will

Writing is easy. Writing well is hard. Text is not just “another visual element.” Words are essential when you explain, persuade and inspire. Here are some tips for web writing: Start with concepts, not copying. What are your big ideas? What do you want your site to say to the world? Some people mistakenly think

Online Campaigns:

April 24th, 2009 by LaunchPad Media

How to gear up for a real victory The word “campaign” is over-used in online marketing. It raises expectations of a major initiative, but is often just a minor project. To really launch a new product, service, image or venture, you need a true campaign – a series of efforts that are orchestrated, timely, galvanizing

When you create or revamp a website, there are 10 questions you need to answer. PURPOSE – What do you want this site to accomplish? Do you need it to generate leads for sales, provide product information, sell ads for revenue, or sell products directly? Do you need to build a database of consumers and