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Office celebrations can be environmentally responsible without being any less fun and creative As event planners, we at LaunchPad have become very familiar with “greening” corporate gatherings. Here are a few suggestions on how to easily make your own holidays a little greener. If something like “Secret Santa” gift-giving is part of your office celebration, encourage

To compete and prevail in this recession, marketing executives should use online tools that will produce leads and generate sales more cost-effectively than traditional media. 1. SEO means ROI. Search Engine Optimization is an inexpensive way to attract new consumers. Whether people are searching for coupons, sweepstakes, recipes, games, advice or e-community, SEO will help

Kids are a tough audience. But many companies offering “family-friendly” products – toys, games, food, books, movies — need to reach children and win their approval. Creating a kid-friendly website requires a design team to be imaginative in many ways: COLORS. Kids like vivid colors, which makes sense – why live in a dull world

A producer is many things: entrepreneur (starting something new), intrapreneur (directing a new venture within an existing organization), and manager (shepherding a project while being accountable to senior executives). “Getting results” is the clichéd goal of any business, but getting results is what strictly defines a producer. You can’t hide failure. Indeed, to succeed over